Speed Dancing

It’s like speed dating, but instead of searching for a match, you’re searching for your rhythm.

A group of young men and women performing a hip hop dance.

How it works


Book your class

Choose from one of the two dates on offer, where everyone is starting out. 

Rally your mates, your whānau, or just bring yourself. 


Get a taster

On the night, you’ll get a whistle-stop tour of six different dance styles in one evening, spending 20 minutes on each style.  

From the beats of Hip Hop to the infectious rhythms of Latin dance – there’s a world of movement awaiting you. 


Keep going!

If you find a dance style you love, you can sign up to try one or more of the styles in detail for the following four weeks. You’ll receive a sign-up email straight after class. 

Koha appreciated but not required.

Sorry, we're all booked out for the next Speed Dancing events!

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Latin Fire will be teaching the fun Bachata. It’s an easy to learn couples’ dance but can also be taught as a solo dance. 

You will get an overview of the style and guidance on the footwork at the Speed Dancing workshop. 

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or excelling on the dance floor, Donna, Warren and Mike from Latin Fire will show you passion and commitment to take you to whatever level you want to go. 

A man and woman performing a salsa dance against a black background with another man and woman in the background

Capoeira Angola

Capoeira Angola is a dynamic Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial art, music and dance.  

Capoeira Angola is a game of strategy where partners play within the circle of the capoeira roda (the circular formation within which participants perform) using wit, athleticism and rhythm.

Stephen from ECAMAR teaches this traditional form of capoeira under the guidance of Mestre Roxinho from Itaparica, Brazil.

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 18-15-19 Capoeira Angola Ecamar Ōtautahi (@ecamar_otautahi) • Instagram photos and videos

Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing is the traditional social folk dancing originating in Scotland but now danced throughout the world.  

This style of dancing is non-competitive, danced typically in groups of 6 – 8 dancers per set. It is great for the mind and for the body, and it’s a lot of fun!

Each dance is made up of a short series of standard formations where everyone is dancing as a team taking turns at the lead roles.  

No partner is required and soft shoes are recommended. A smile is essential!

Scottish Country Dancing Img 2

Irish Dance

It doesn’t matter what previous dance experience you have, Irish dancing is a lot of fun, great for fitness and an opportunity to learn new skills. 

Think you could be the next Michael Flatley? Step up and give Irish dance a go!

The O’Neill School of Dance has over 35 years’ experience teaching Irish dance, with classes for all ages and levels, from pre-school to adults. 

The school has a long legacy of competitive success.

Irish Dancing - 421

Contemporary Dance

Classes with SOMA are a unique blend of dynamic physicality, body awareness, choreography and compelling musicality.  

Join them for a taster session and follow them @somastudiospace for more information about their regular weekly classes in Ōtautahi.

Founders and Tutors Julia Mckerrow and Aleasha Seaward specialise in Contemporary Dance Training for movers of all ages and abilities. 

With over 20yrs professional dance practice, SOMA Studios brings energy along with serious experience.

Two women performing a contemporary style dance in front of a pink graffiti wall.

Hip Hop

This class will give you a space to grow and excel in hip hop dance, arts, and music. 

Committed to diversity, creativity, and respect, the collective approach of hip hop classes is designed to share a love of dance while having fun.

Swarm Studios was born in the heart of Christchurch, and has been part of the city’s hip hop dance community for many years. 

You leave Swarm Studio classes a better and brighter self than when you came in!

A group of young men and women performing a hip hop dance.

May Speed Dancing

Physical Comedy

In a series of physical theatre exercises, you’ll explore spontaneous physical impulse to discover your body’s comic movement. 

This experience is about finding the state of playfulness and using clowning as a vehicle for your imagination. 

Your teacher: Pickle the Clown, Lisa Wingfield

Lisa has over 30 years’ experience in the physical theatre and circus industry – performing, teaching and directing based on an extensive background in clowning, acrobatics, dance, circus and theatre.


African Dance

African Dance is fun, powerful, liberating, uplifting, and transformative. 

This dance style is about creating a friendly environment open to everyone, where people can feel free to express themselves through music and dance.

Tamara has been teaching African Dance for the last nine years in Christchurch and runs a weekly class, accompanied by live drums.

Dekaworwor and Mundi dancers2jpg

Rock 'n' Roll

Go back to a time when hip was cool, and adults and kids knew how to boogie on the dance floor.

Learn the basics of Rock ‘n’ Roll, learning the basic footwork and a few simple moves.

With all the fun of some of the coolest music of the century, the Christchurch Rock ‘n’ Roll Club will be leading you into a new age of dance, supported by their medal winning tutors.

Rock n Roll dance

Argentine Tango

Argentine tango is an improvisational dance based on the four building blocks of walking, turning, stopping and embellishments. 

Its music and dance slowly evolved in the back streets of Buenos Aires during the early 20th Century, before spreading to Europe and the rest of the world.

Gloria and Graham danced and taught tango in Buenos Aires and have been teaching in NZ for several years. 

They believe in a tango of connections: with yourself, a partner, the music, the floor, and other dancers. When this happens, they believe anything is possible.

GG Volcada pose

Latin Dance

From Salsa, Bachata, Samba, Cha Cha and more, a high quality technique will boost your confidence in every area of your life.

If you need any more reason to get those feet moving, this is an awesome way to keep fit.

Latin Addiction Dance is all about creating a fun, friendly environment for their dance community.

 Their award winning teachers will have you dancing up in a storm in no time.

A group of people gathered to do Latin Dance


Come and learn the foundations of Breaking and concepts for creating routines and freestyle. 

You’ll get an introduction to the basic building blocks of breaking moves.

Learn from one of the best freestyle dancers with world champion B-Boy Leeroq.

A man performing a breakdance move.

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