Training for Professionals

Our subsidised foundational teacher training courses are designed to help the Ōtautahi circus community collectively identify and develop future courses.

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Circus rigging course

move book circle

Delivered by Jaine Mieka, Head Tutor of Auckland’s The Dust Palace, including a live zoom masterclass with Dr. Emily Scherb, Seattle-based physical therapist and ‘Circus Doc’ specialising in the care of circus artists.

Course workbook and a copy of Dr Emily Scherbs Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts are provided.

Cost: $20

Course Outline

  • Teaching for different bodies
  • Mobility, flexibility and strength
  • Empowering students to make good choices
  • Applied anatomy
  • Shoulders
  • Basic positions hang, pull and push
  • Internal / external rotation
  • Warms ups / cool downs
  • Creating knowledgeable delivery
  • Fitness Training
  • Adaptations & balance
  • Risks when changing training loads
  • How to talk to students about training (recreational vs aspiring professional)
  • Working with injury
  • Trends and statistics
  • Short term injuries and long term issues
  • Describing pain – Empowering students to listen to their bodies
  • Creating studio culture that supports injury prevention
Red Hoop

Progressions, Cues and Spotting

This workshop is a mix of theory and practical taught over 6 hours and will be delivered by Jaine Mieka. 

We will break down beginner through to advanced skills by:

  • Understanding the skill well enough to teach it 
  • Understanding planes of rotation – theory
  • How to break down skills to design effective progressions – theory and practical
  • Styles of cueing and how / when to use – theory and practical
  • Uses of spotting and safety considerations – theory and practical.

Tutors can either bring their own apparatus to work from or can request the type of apparatus they wish to work with and this will be provided.

Cost: $20


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